flinders pano

Graduate Design Studio, University of Sydney, Australia

This project was designed in response to the international design competition to rejuvenate and restore Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street Station by the Victorian Coalition Government. This project focused on how architecture can evoke certain memories. As people experience their environment, the architecture itself can evoke memories of experiences where the individual has felt similarly in the past. Five different spaces were created along a pathway joining the Yarra River and Flinders Street Station. In each space, the architecture is significantly different and the individual conjures their own memories, relating the architecture to the feeling of that memory. The project evolved from my own memories of Melbourne and the feeling triggered by my presence in these different spaces within the cityscape.

axo coloured


ideas pano2

collage bluer

panel programming2

masterplan redone Erica Nick Laura

blue model lights

Erica Meares Presentation

Erica Meares Drawing





Erica Meares Model copy

Erica Meares Render

Erica Meares Detail Section