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Second Year Design Studio, L’Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Strasbourg, France

This design studio sought to create high density mixed use housing for any given population of the city of Strasbourg, France. The design is extension of the Neudorf Park and a prolongation of the city’s green spaces, the proposed apartment building is designed for residents and members of the public. The building is placed on the far northern end of Neudorf park in Strasbourg, leaving the rest of the space accessible to the public. The apartment building contains one, two, three and four bedroom apartments. Each apartment is unique and unlike any other in the building. The individual apartments sit on top of each other like lego blocks with balconies facing out onto the park.

The residential area is separated from the recreational area of the park by a series of communal vegetable gardens ascending from the basement level of the building to the ground level of the park. A “Jardin Suspendu”, a roof top terrace enables residents to enjoy views towards the south of the city. An elevated boardwalk amongst the famous Strasbourgoise stalks attracts visitors to the area. The existing trees are left on the site so as not to disturb the original nature of the site. The original house on the southern part of the site is converted into a café and terrace facing onto the park.

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